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Resident Evil 3 (Xbox One)


Remember Jill Valentine? Who doesn’t? The character that was based on the Japanese franchise, “Biohazard,” became a big hit in gaming in the late 1990s then came to life in the big screen with actress Milla Jovovich. In recent years, Resident Evil 3 was released along with the introduction of the Nemesis, a colossal, mutilated humanoid running on unprecedented AI. The Nemesis would hunt Valentine throughout the game, practically shooting and destroying anything and everything that comes between it and the game’s heroine.

Although game developer, Capcom, reportedly planned to introduce a new lead character to this remake, the makers eventually decided to adapt the original plot along with Valentine still trying to survive within Raccoon City and trying to escape it at the same time.

The plot takes place in 1998 with the game opening to clips of chaotic scenes happening within the city following an outbreak caused by the Umbrella Corporation and the release of the T-virus. A familiar plot for those familiar with the story only this time, Nemesis is also shown in a scene while being brought to life in one of the Umbrella Corporation’s facilities.

Graphics in high-definition is not the only leveled up feature in Resident Evil 3. Here are the other exciting possibilities to watch out for:

  • Choice of single player or up to 4 players with the Resident Evil Resistance
  • Go Masterminds Mode to be the enemy that hunts down other players and gain control over elite bioweapons such as the G-Birkin and Tyrant
  • Switch from first-person to third-person point-of-view
  • Engage with the character’s environment

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